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About Us

Improving Financial Inclusion

Monterey Labs mission is to improve the Financial Inclusion sector. True to ML roots as a technology enabler, we’ve embraced technology to make financial software platforms efficient, low-cost, secure and scalable. ML products can significantly improve the efficiency and performance of financial inclusion operators, MNOs, financial services providers and banking. With our platforms and knowledge, we enable financial inclusion organizations to reach better outcomes. This powerful combination enables users residing in emerging economy regions to access Micro-Lending, Savings, Deposits, Operational Accounts and related social impact programs.


  Experience, Knowledge, Results.


Our company applies business and technology experience to bring breakthrough thinking and approaches to strength our partners programs and offerings. We deliver extensive capabilities, know-how and skilled people.


To perform smarter, faster and more productively, embedded collaborative technologies can improve processes and transform the way customer partnerships turn knowledge into results. We can bring greater efficiency through our Integration Roadmap.


With our agile approach we can help customer partnerships to deliver their solutions in efficient and effective way. From early stage to large scalable deployments, our experience can help to resolve critical delivery issues.