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Leveraging know-how and technology.

VBN focuses on mobile and financial platforms for emerging economies, and on how they should be designed, built, and scaled. VBN mission is to make Financial Inclusion practical and simple. For three years, the company worked to gather intellectual property and ideas on how low cost, efficient software for contemporary Financial Inclusion can be accomplished. Understanding developing markets, vertical requirements and leveraging technology, by using lean processes, to provide the right mix of innovative products with sustainable pricing and fast implementation approaches.


About VBN

For A Better Financial Inclusion

VBN enables financial organizations to leverage the VBN cloud-based portfolio of financial software products, and programs to deliver fast, robust and comprehensive financial inclusion banking services. VBN products support the requirements of the financial operators to be competitive. VBN combines low-cost and high scalability to effectively manage unlimited processing power and storage, applications agility, speed-to-market, and variable pay-per-use cost structures. VBN products have been designed to operate in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) mode, serving social and mobile-networked users.